OAM in the field also in order to introduce young people to the profession of credit intermediary

Especially at a time of economic difficulty, those in need of liquidity must rely exclusively on properly authorized financial operators, in order to avoid incurring in wrong transactions, if not in frauds. For this reason, OAM, the Body of Financial Agents and Credit Brokers, chaired by Antonio Catricalà, has launched an information campaign.

The focus of the campaign is the statement: “Loans are not all equal”.

The objective is to make people understand the importance of relying only on agents and brokers registered with the OAM in order to avoid the risk of ending up in the hands of a credit fraudster, with potentially very serious consequences.

"In this moment - underlines the general director Federico Luchetti - the crisis has worsened the economic conditions of families and enterprises, often there is the need to have liquidity and it is easy that not qualified people approach families and operators promising loans that are not feasible or that, if obtained, cannot be returned. On the other hand, it is absolutely necessary for the consumer to check that those with whom he comes into contact are Financial Agents or Credit Brokers, registered with the Body. Those who are registered possess the necessary requisites of professionalism and integrity and are able to help the consumer to make choices that will be sustainable over time".

In order to carry out a check on qualified operators it is sufficient to visit the OAM website (www.organismo-am.it) and carry out a search: in just a few seconds it is possible to verify whether the operator is registered and qualified to exercise the profession. In this way the professionalism and correctness of the Agent or Broker will be guaranteed.

The campaign, however, is not only aimed at consumers but also at young people who are attracted by the profession of credit intermediary and want to start this path. "The world of credit needs talent. Yours.", is the slogan OAM uses to promote this job opportunity.

Those who wish to take their first steps in the world of credit intermediation, a sector that is destined to grow, have two alternative paths in front of them. If they want to become Collaborators of a person who carries out the activity of a Financial agent registered with the OAM, they must pass an "examination test". If, on the other hand, they are interested in entering more structured realities, such as Financial Business Agents or Credit Brokers operating as corporations, they must take the "assessment test".

OAM has more than 20 thousand members, including Agents, Credit Brokers and Collaborators. In 2019, the overall activity of the sector showed a marked progress: the mandates result in a total of 25,873 with an important increase of 3,241 units (+14%), tripling what was already recorded at the end of 2018 (+5%). As for the supervisory activity, in 2019 there were 7,698 controls, with 596 sanctioning measures.

Rome, June 15th, 2020


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