The professional exercise of the activity of moneychanger towards the public, even on a seasonal basis, consisting in the spot trading of means of payment in currency, is reserved to subjects enrolled in a special Register kept by the OAM.
Moneychangers are required to periodically transmit to the OAM all the exchange transactions carried out. The centralization of this information at the OAM facilitates criminal investigations into money laundering and terrorist financing.


REGISTRATION to the portal is aimed at creating a PRIVATE AREA on the portal of OAM through which you can then submit, only electronically, the request for registration to the Register of Currency Exchangers.

For the registration to the portal it’s necessary to be in possession of an active Certified Electronic Mail Address (PEC).


each registration request can be associated with only one PEC address; in other words, it is not possible to use the same PEC for more than one registration request to the same or other Lists or Registers kept by the OAM.


The request for registration must be submitted ONLY via electronic means through the registration service in the "services" section of your private area.

Requests received by other means WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

For the correct submission of the application the following is required:

  • a valid and active certified e-mail address (PEC);
  • a digital signature in the name of the applicant (in the case of a company, in the name of the legal representative);
  • payment of the enrolment fee and one-off contributions required - ref. circular 38/21;
  • payment of the government concession fee (1).

We also remind you that those enrolled in the Register of Currency Exchangers are required to periodically and electronically transmit to the Organization all transactions carried out consisting in spot trading of means of payment in currency.

The transmission of data must take place exclusively through the appropriate telematic service, present in the Private Area of each member of the above mentioned Register according to the modalities indicated in the "Technical" Annex to the OAM Circular n. 24/15 present on the OAM portal in the publications section.

For anything not expressly regulated, please refer to the "User Manual", available on the OAM portal.

(1) The payment of the Government Concession Fee is to be made, for one time only (one-off), by means of postal current account slip no. 8003, addressed to "Agenzia delle Entrate - Centro Operativo di Pescara - Tasse Concessioni Governative" including as reason for payment "Fee for registration in the Register of Moneychangers", rate code 8617. The payment must necessarily be "carried out by" the subject requesting registration in the Register.

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