The Supervisory Office of the OAM ascertains the requisites required by the sector regulations for maintaining the registration of financial agents and credit brokers, as well as verifying that the relative activity is carried out in line with the legislative or administrative regulations that govern it.


The OAM carries out its supervisory activities with rigour, impartiality and balance, for the exclusive protection of the consumer.


The OAM carries out its supervisory activities with the ultimate aim of guiding and accompanying the members in a continuous process of professional growth, directing their activities according to the procedures in line with the sector's regulations.


The execution of the supervisory activities can be carried out in the following ways:

  • remote controls without the involvement of the subjects concerned, from the analysis of the databases held by the Office;
  • centralized controls, consisting in sending targeted requests for information and documents;
  • inspections carried out by OAM staff or by other bodies and/or authorities on behalf of the OAM itself.


Also in order to prevent the phenomenon of unregulated activity, the Surveillance Office acquires and processes complaints from third parties and information - provided it is sufficiently structured - acquired in any case, taking care of the relative registration, the preliminary investigation of the situations represented and the conservation of the documentation.


If, in the performance of its duties, the Office ascertains violations of the legislative or administrative rules governing the activities of agents and brokers, it initiates the sanctioning procedure by sending a notice of violation.


The OAM also implements, in the application of sanctions to members, a policy of balance and gradualness in less serious situations, taking into proper consideration the need for educational policies in the sector following such a recent and profound reform.


In the following pages we will outline, "in a nutshell" and by way of non-exhaustive list, the salient verifications carried out on financial agents and credit brokers.


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