The OAM with Circular n. 18/2014 has defined the modalities and the frequency of communication.

The central contact point in Italy communicates electronically on the OAM portal the following data in a special Private Area which can be accessed via credentials, after registration:

  • identification data of the EU EMIs/PIs Agent;
  • data of the sale point/s.

For the technical specifications please refer to the User Manual.

The Central Contact Point shall send the Agents' details, in accordance with the reporting schedule, within 20 days of the expiry of each reference quarter.

The central contact point in Italy communicates, through the services provided by the OAM portal, the data according to the following schedule:

FIRST QUARTER: January-March: by 20 April
SECOND QUARTER: April-June: by 20 July
THIRD QUARTER: July-September: by 20 October
FOURTH QUARTER: October-December: by 20 January

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