In order to be registered in the List of Financial Agents, natural persons must meet the following requirements, pursuant to art. 128-quinquies of the Consolidated Banking Act (TUB):

  • Italian citizenship or citizenship of an EU state or of a different state according to the provisions of art. 2 of Legislative Decree no. 286/1998;
  • domicile in Italy;
  • possession of the requirements of integrity pursuant to art. 15 of Legislative Decree no. 141/2010;
  • educational qualification not inferior to the upper secondary school diploma, issued following a five-year or four-year course supplemented by the annual course required by law, or a foreign educational qualification deemed to be equivalent to all effects of the law.

(it should be noted that with Circular no. 10/13 the OAM has provided for and introduced the provisions relating to the continuation of the activity of financial agency and credit brokerage by persons enrolled in the previous lists kept by the Bank of Italy and without a five-year high school diploma);

  • attendance of a professional training course in the relevant subjects in the exercise of financial agency activities;
  • successful completion of the special examination held by the Body, aimed at ascertaining possession of adequate knowledge of legal, economic, financial and technical subjects (if not exempt due to the transitional regime, see below);
  • possession of a certified email account and a digital signature with the same legal value as a handwritten signature pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 82 of March 7, 2005 and the relative implementing regulations.

It is also necessary, as a condition of effectiveness of registration, the conclusion of a civil liability insurance policy for damages caused in the exercise of the activity arising from its own conduct or that of third parties for whose actions the agent is liable under the law.

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