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The financial system and credit intermediation:
  • the subjects operating in credit intermediation: banking intermediaries, financial intermediaries and credit intermediaries;
  • the institutional system responsible for regulating and controlling the financial system;
  • credit brokers and agents in financial activity in particular: activities carried out, requirements, supervisory system


Technical and regulatory aspects of forms of financing: mortgages, personal loans, special purpose credit facilities, leasing, factoring, assignment of one-fifth of salary and pensions, credit facilities, credit cards, payment mandates, granting of guarantees


The regulations on transparency in banking contracts, consumer credit and credit mediation activities


Elements of the evaluation of creditworthiness: how to examine the family budget and the financial needs of the company

The anti-money laundering and anti-usury regulations

Payment services

Regulations governing insurance brokerage

Regulations governing complaints and the Banking and Financial Arbitrator


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